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Putting People First

Healthy workplaces are built with employees who feel comfortable speaking up and expressing their thoughts, questions and concerns.

At NFP, our passion is building strong personal relationships based on trust, transparency and active communication to create the best possible work environment for our employees and deliver the best possible solutions to our clients.


A successful workforce drives business results by providing multiple perspectives to problems.


At NFP we bring new ideas to the table, listen to each other, promote each other’s ideas and tackle the tough stuff together to innovate and grow across recruitment, retention and culture, celebrating and bolstering individuality throughout our workforce through our Diversity and Inclusion and Women in Leadership panels.


“We must fiercely protect our core principles of being personal, genuinely caring for one another, developing one another and celebrating each other’s success.”

— Doug Hammond, Chairman and CEO


“Our respect for one another because of – not in spite of – our differences and walks of life is what makes NFP great. It’s the respect that feeds the bold ideas that thrust us forward into a bright and prosperous future.”

— Kim Davis, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer 


Career Opportunities