Our Mission

Welcome to the Out Professional Network! Our mission is to provide the LGBT community with a trusted professional network, which pairs members with employers who are serious about building a diverse workforce to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse customer base. Out Professional Network makes your job search as productive as possible, because the employers who post on our site are specifically seeking to hire aspiring LGBT employees. Our matching technology guarantees that members will secure the very best possible match for their skills, experience and other priority criteria they have listed.

About Us

As one of seven culturally distinct websites in The Professional Diversity Network, Out Professional Network provides a professional network for LGBT professionals that is far more engaging and welcoming than a typical job board. The affinity of culture shared by members encourages valuable relationships with peers and mentors who are invested in each other’s success and are happy to help them improve their career skills and their access to opportunity. Out Professional Network has taken the job search from what is all too often, a lonely and discouraging experience to a communal one that motivates and inspires members along their journey to achieve their life goals.


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